Friday, August 22, 2014

Sleaze Dizeaze Interview

SLEAZE DIZEAZE 1.Please introduce yourselves and tell us what you do in the band? I'm Joey Mandigo, I play the drums in the band. I'm Terrence Atkins, I do lead guitar and vocals. I'm David Warren, I slap the bass in a the Dizeaze. I'm Alma I'm the rhythm guitarist 2. How did you girls/guys end up coming together as a band? Joey: Oh that's a long story. I met our ex- guitarist Darian Thompson back in 2010 in Oklahoma. We met over Craigslist, and we started jamming and we suddenly clicked, don't know how. And we auditioned many guitarists and bassists but just didn't get the right match. In September of 2011, I moved out of state for 2 years to live with my family. I returned to Oklahoma of June of 2013 and met back up with Darian and our new guitarist. Terrence. And the bassist Christopher Harrison, We jammed all that summer. Played a couple gigs, recorded Warzone. And now Darian quit the band and we fired Chris. So here we are. 3. Do the core fans of the band have a particular song they really seem to have latched onto? Joey: Um. Haha, I'm not entirely sure. People really seem to like "Asphyxiation" or "This End" are really the songs that push people. Other than that. Umm. Some new songs that haven't been recorded yet like "My Execution" or "Woman In White". Which will be out soon. 4. What is the concept behind the name of your album, "album name", what does that mean? Terrence: Its called Warzone because thats how this life we live now is like. A war. Everything is a war. And how we have to fight to live and keep pushing. A Warzone determines to live or die just by the matter of how hard you push and how content you can stay and how persistent you are. How much you can endure and how much your willing to fight. Every song has its own morals but they all link up to rising up, fighting for your life, staying strong and content, and being the strongest you can be. Life is rough. Things will get better in the end. But you have to fight to be who you want to be, believe in what you want to believe, live how you want to live, and to do what you have to do. Life is a Warzone. You may have won one battle. But the war Is something where things shift into place. And if you can make it past with the war with your self and others. You are the Warrior or Soldier at heart. 5. Who is producing "album name", and what has the experience been like so far? Joey: Shaun Ladymon. He is the guitarist for the Oklahoma band "Crazy Love Hawk" we found him again on the Internet, and he is just a incredible producer at his rate. He was very professional and he had a good laugh with us at the studio a few times. I think he really enjoyed recording something outside of his usual style. 6. When fans come to an "name of the show" show, what kind of show can they hope to see? Terrence: Real metal being revived, talent like crazy, kids having fun and playing metal music you love, and a dude in a dead bunny costume run around on and off stage, in and outside the moshpit as that Native guy with the war paint screaming and singing into that mic while playing guitar haha 7. Are you girls/guys generally considered to be a good live band? Terrence: We dont really rank ourselves. We just go on stage and give our all. We dont ever play a show without giving it our all. Why go into a show with our heads bowed. Screw that. If we're gonna go. We're gonna go in swinging. There are many people(fans) that later tell us that we killed it and were the spotlight. Just cuz of our age, our energy, and drive. People come to our show. Get infected with the Sleaze Dizeaze and leave with a smile on their faces. And thats all we care about. The audience and fans. To make them leave happy and give them something to talk about the following days until the next show Alma; At Norman Music Fest we drew a huge crowd. we stole people from the 2 stages next to us 8. Describe your typical fan. Terrence: Well we dont have just one particular fan type. We have them all amazingly. All races, all ages, all kinds. Theyre all amazing. We have fans from the ages of 5(rylan) to about age 37. And the older ones are saying that its amazing how we're bring back actual metal. That it makes them proud to see kids our age. Play metal they enjoyed watching back when they were kids. Its funny how they expected us to be like the rest of many bands today. In order to have all these fans. You have to play something they all like. And thats what we do. We dont label ourselves on the type of metal we play. Cuz we all have our own vibes. But in a way they all connect. We have thrash, melodic death metal, punk, heavy metal, groove metal, and all types. And its so happens that these types of metal brings us our amazing fan base. So we'll keep writing the way we do for the people. 9. What's the biggest show you have played so far and how did it go? Alma: Norman Music Festival. It was my first show with Sleaze. We got permission to set up just in any empty place and play. We ended up having to relocate 3 times, but finally we began playing and the crowds began to gather. We easily had. At least 70-80 people intently watching us each set. We earned a lot of loyal fans in our home town that year. Its definitely a memorable show compared to some others. 10. What's the worst experience you ever had while out touring with the band? Alma: Terrences mom getting stuck in the McDonalds Parking lot with a trailer Terrence: dropping a pick Alma: My tie trying to palm mute for me at the Chameleon Room Joey: breaking a drumstick on stage. Or a drumhead. Whichever affects my playing. 11. When you're out there on the road, do you have an agenda to connect with people? Terrence: Well you need to have support from many people. From bands and promoters. But usually we end up talking to them because its Cool to make friends and meet new people. Alma: simple, sit back. 12. If you could put together the "perfect tour", what bands would you pick to tour with and why? David: Coldplay Joey: Exodus, Lazarus A.D., and Hardline Terrence: Zerotheist, Salvations Lost, Anti Mortem, Hatebreed, Amon Amarth, And Lamb Of God. And Because with these bands. We all fit in today. We all have that drive. And intensity. Theres bands that we are close friends with. And bands that we all love. Otherwise we would have all picked Pantera haha. 13. What's your favorite band of all time? Terrence: Trivium David: AC/DC Joey: Exodus. Alma: Cradle Of Filth 14. What is your favorite album or song that you can't stop listening to right now? David: Chaos A.D by Sepultura Terrence: Onslaught by Lazarus A.D Joey: Shovel headed kill machine by Exodus 15. What are your hopes for the future regarding "name of the band"? Terrence: To make it big. So we can help others that need help that are alone. From anxiety to suicidal thoughts. We hope to help them and give them a voice because I was the same. But I found music as a vent. And so do many teens and kids these days. And write about native culture and let more people know about the truth of what happened and aware of what happen to the native people then. So we hope to make it big with all the other bands. And live our dreams as musicians on the stage to not only live our dreams. But to give a voice to the voiceless, and write the truth about native culture to let people be aware of the truth. 16. Where do you see yourselves in 10 years? Terrence: At Wacken, Ozzfest, Sleaze Fest. Joey: hopefully less than that we can fufill our dreams as a band. 17. Where are ya from? Joey: Norman, Oklahoma 18. Who is the primary writer of the song lyric's? Joey: Terrence mainly. People contribute though. 19. Do you prefer indoor or outdoor while playing? Terrence: Anything with a stage. It could be in a bear pit. And pretty sure we wouldnt care. Joey: Outdoorz. 20. Ultimate stage fantasy? What would you most want to happen? Have 20-30 people in our runny Babbitt costume come out and run and stage dive into the crowd and head straight to the pit while we play our new thrash metal song "Rabbit Season" 21. What is your hidden talents? Joey: my hidden talent is to play the drums haha. But I don't think I have one haha. Terrence: David can play a mean triangle, alma is the youngest one but can shred better than anyone else I know. Joey is Fucking amazing and can play to anything and has a very wide variety of music to play and can hit any beat on spot. And me well. Playing and singing isnt very easy. But to me it isnt very hard. I can skate and go to numerous Powwows and dance