Sunday, August 31, 2014



1. Please introduce yourselves and tell us what you do in the band?

Justin Roberts, I sing and play guitar, Jeremy John is on bass and backs me up live with vocals,
and Daniel pounds the drums. 

2. How did you girls/guys end up coming together as a band?

I formed the band in 2007 and have been through numerous changes till around September 2013,
and that's when this line up became solid and has been since then. 

3. Do the core fans of the band have a particular song they really seem to have latched onto?

Hmm, I would say it's between one of our newer songs that we're going to be recording for our EP,
it's called Razor Ramon, has nothing to do with the wrestler but has a very good hook to it. Another
song people latch on is called The Switch, the song is really catchy. You can hear our music on we just put out a demo of one of our newer songs called Monsters. 

4,5. What is the concept behind the name of your album, "album name", what does that mean?
Who is producing "album name", and what has the experience been like so far?

We are currently working on an EP at the moment. We don't have a name for it yet. It should be
out sometime later this year. If there is a concept behind it, It's that it's us, as in it sounds like us.
We don't ever want to sound like we are trying to hard, because then it wouldn't be sincere. Producer?
We haven't made it official, but we have someone in mind. We've never had a producer before so it's
going to be something new, we'll see how it goes. 

6. When fans come to an "name of the show" show, what kind of show can they hope to see?

IF you come to Last Battle show, expect LOUD! We love to play as loud. There is only 3 of us, so we
really have to make up for the 4th member lol. But I think that is what gives us our charm. There is only 3
of us and we can make that much noise. Hopefully you catch us on a good night lol. You're either going
to get a really epic performance or a train wreck lol. Just being honest, but all our out of town gigs we
somehow know like "oh shit, we can't suck." And by some divine miracle we pull it off. So if you catch us
outside of our town, 98.9% it's going to be awesome!

7. Are you girls/guys generally considered to be a good live band?

I think we answered this in the previous question but generally. I think we're good live. We are not
polished, we are just raw. If we tried to be polished and hit every note perfect, and play our songs the
same every night, it would get boring for us. We like to keep the sincerity. 

8. Describe your typical fan.

Typical fan. I don't think I can describe that. We don't care what background you come from really.
As long as you like our music, thats fine with us!

9. What's the biggest show you have played so far and how did it go?

Biggest show. March 2014, the chemicals free tour with Hed Pe and Smile Empty Soul. This was
our second time opening for Smile Empty Soul. The first time was on St Patty's day 2009. But this last
time was just big because there was so many people there and a barricade. That's how you know a
show is serious when they roll out the barricade. But it was fun, we were really nervous, but everyone
was receptive to us that night and we sold out of merch. So that's a good sign right? lol. But it's just an
honor to play with bands that we grew up listening to. 

10. What's the worst experience you ever had while out touring with the band?

Worst experience was traveling back from Houston, we got no sleep and had to drive back the
same night to record a few demos, and we almost wrecked because of a bunny, and 8 energy drinks
aren't good for your kidneys lol. Let's just say that. 

11. When you're out there on the road, do you have an agenda to connect with people?

Yes, we actually do enjoy talking to people. Especially from other cities. People make or break a
night, and so far everyone has made our nights when we do play in uncharted territories. 

12. If you could put together the "perfect tour", what bands yould you pick to tour with and why?

Perfect tour: Chevelle, Seether, Smile Empty Soul. I think we would all fit together. Those are bands
that we look up to, and plus we'd get to watch them every night. 

13. What's your favorite band of all time?

I (Justin) favorite all time band, Nirvana. Jeremy's is Seether, and Daniel's is Metallica. 

14. What is your favorite album or song that you can't stop listening to right now?

Currently we've been jamming a lot of Psychostick, love those guys. Seether's new album Isolate
and Medicate, and La Gargola from Chevelle, still hasn't left my car stereo yet. it's been in there a good
4 or 5 months lol. 

15. What are your hopes for the future regarding "name of the band"?

Come whatever may! We just want people to listen to what we put out, and hopeully like it and tell
a friend. That's a really good feeling when a stranger likes your band. That's what we hope for, more
people to like our music 

16. Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

I don't even want to think about that. lol

17. Where are ya from?

We are from San Antonio, TX and Daniel is from Elmendorf, TX. 

18. Who is the primary writer of the song lyric's?

I (justin) mainly write everything, But lately we've all been throwing ideas around for songs, It helps
take the load off my shoulders. 

19. Do you prefer indoor or outdoor while playing?

We haven't played many outdoor shows. we'd love to play more outdoor shows, Indoors is all the
same. Just a different venue ya know lol.

20. Ultimate stage fantasy? What would you most want to happen?

Ultimate stage fantasy, Just have a giant crowd swallow the stage. That would look sick. But no one
get hurt! We hate that, we hate fights. We don't ever want to see that. I think music and fighting don't
belong together unless it's an organized event. I think people who go to concerts just to fight are so silly.

21. What is your hidden talents?

Jeremy is really awesome at the grill, he won't admit it lol. Daniel is pretty good on the xbox live.
Me (Justin), I'm pretty good at identifying Simpson episodes by a still frame. 

Thanks for interviewing us, what you do is really awesome! And it's awesome you let us do this. Thanks!