Friday, August 22, 2014

Mortuary Science Interview

MORTUARY SCIENCE 1. Please introduce yourselves and tell us what you do in the band? Josh Snider - Guitars, Greg Duke - Bass and Vocals, Josef Ronning - Drums 2. How did you girls/guys end up coming together as a band? (Josh) I started MS back in 2012, as a side project for my then band Center Of Disease, I wanted to mix like, Slam, and Brutal Death Metal with instrumental guitar and like Shred and I wrote more tracks, it took on a life of its own, and went from an one man band to a full lineup lol...Josef has been a good friend of mine since about 08' and he was my drummer in COD, he quit and I was replaced sortly after, my replacement on guitar, Mike kept referring his aquaintence Greg to do bass or guitar on this, I had like Ingesting, Alive In The Autopsy and I think Virulent Strain roughly written when Joe came in, and Greg got in touch with me about joining up and doing vox as well...and its just built from there lol... 3. Do the core fans of the band have a particular song they really seem to have latched onto? Virulent Strain, Force Fed Suppuration, or Screams In The Crematorium always seem to be crowd favs... 4. What is the concept behind the name of your album, "album name", what does that mean? (Harvesting Putrefaction) (josh) "Harvesting Putrefaction" kinda came out of watchin forensic documentaries on Youtube and stuff...watching like how universities have "body farms" and stuff, and the concept that came to mine is harvesting rotting bodies, and its kind of a take off and tounge in, it sounds brutal lol!!!! \m/ 5. Who is producing "album name", and what has the experience been like so far? (josh) We produced and engineered it ourselves, it was a different process than the demo was, in that, Greg had different vocal ideas, Josef had different drum ideas, etc...and we were looking to expand further on our sound...make it better, I would say... 6. When fans come to an "name of the show" show, what kind of show can they hope to see? (josh) Generally, when fans come to our shows, they wanna have fun, drink, mosh, etc... most always walk away a fan, if they weren't before... 7. Are you girls/guys generally considered to be a good live band? (josh) Yes, even if we have a trip up( like sound issues or something) the majority of our set seems to keep people wanting more... 8. Describe your typical fan. 16-40, into metal lol 9. What's the biggest show you have played so far and how did it go? (Greg) Opening for Suffocation in 97' with my old band was real bad, we had to pay to play, didn't get tickets till 3 days before...and they messed up our sound... (josh) Opening for Obscura and Abysmal Dawn in 11' with my old band Epitaph, it was good... then TXDM 3, Opening for Primordius, Prophecy, and Internment....and in COD, playing TXDM 4... 10. What's the worst experience you ever had while out touring with the band? Probably our next to last show in OKC, GPS got me and Greg lost, truck was overheating, and we were late...BIG THANX to David Thompson and Enfuneration for letting us go on last that night, OKC ALWAYS supports us!!! \m/....and the infamous broken string twards the end of our set.....that has been the worst lol... 11. When you're out there on the road, do you have an agenda to connect with people? Absolutely, free merch, buy em a beer, whatever it takes, were just hoping they have a good time and enjoyed the show! 12. If you could put together the "perfect tour", what bands would you pick to tour with and why? (Greg) Carcass, Exhumed and of course US!, (Josh) Suffocation headlines, Pathology, Decapitated and Disincarnate!!! and we open for it! lol 13. What's your favorite band of all time? (Greg) Repulsion. (josh) Either Suffocation, or Bolt Thrower. 14. What is your favorite album or song that you can't stop listening to right now? (Greg) Repulsion- "Horiffied", (josh) I been alternating between Death Metal and Horrorcore Rap, so... Gutteral Secrete- "Nourishing the Spoil"/ Disincarnate- "Dreams Of The Carrion Kind" and Brotha Lynch Hung's "Mannibalector" albums... 15. What are your hopes for the future regarding "name of the band"? No one else is using this, and we got it locked down w/ the trademark office lol... 16. Where do you see yourselves in 10 years? (Greg) Dead. (josh) Killing or Dead. j/k, probably still doing music lol 17. Where are ya from? Tulsa, OK USA 18. Who is the primary writer off the song lyric's? Greg writes all of the lyrics... 19. Do you prefer indoor or outdoor while playing? (Greg) Indoor. (josh) Indoor, sometimes outdoor if the weather/sound is right lol 20. Ultimate stage fantasy? What would you most want to happen? (Greg) Pyro!!!! (Josh) Either James Murphy come up and play a lead on one of our songs, or Frank Mullen from Suffocation doing some vocals on a song! 21. What is your hidden talents? (Greg) Art, I can do art. (Josh) Cooking, I can cook like a mofo!!! lol