Monday, June 16, 2014


Void Opus

Progressive Metal Rock
Oklahoma City, OK
3 song EP review

"Void Opus was formed in May of 2012, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
.The three founding members Matt Cowell, Carter Litvinas, and Ryan Roring have built
 a unique musical and personal chemistry. After several tryouts on bass,
 Walter McLennan soon stepped in as the bassist.
Their sound is bridging the gap between mainstream radio Rock and Progressive Rock.
They hit Artisan Sound and Studio in April of 2013 to track their first single titled "Drown" 
and just currently finished recording two more tracks to eventually add to their EP.
 Expect to see them fully immerse themselves in the OKC rock scene this Spring/Summer"

Penence:Vocals are a bit off, but the riffs and jams I could listen to repeatedly, no lyrics, just jamming,
it'd be the perfect song.
Drown: Vocals are much better,more emphasized. the drums are very vibrant as well as the riffs are unseemingly justified. 
Reminds me of a Southern Rock/ Metal... a toned down DOWN,or Texas hippie coalition if you will.
Hivemind: A bit more of a progressive technique, kind of like "cock rock" it would be the song to get the crowd 
specifically females, the pleasure and groove they wore their leather pants for.

Cj Maddley
Moose Metal Radio
Metal Mommie Daily