Monday, June 16, 2014


Stabbing Back

"Stabbingback is a Hard Rock/ Metal band originally from Seattle. We released 2 albums simultaneously;
 one, an aggressive Hard Rock/ Metal medley, and the other an acoustic rock style. On one hand,
 Stabbingback blends a classic metal style with melodically driven vocals and a powerful modern edge to form a unique sound. 
The music is very personal, pained and full of anger. On the other hand, the acoustic music is, by it’s very nature, 
less abrasive than the metal. Although not as in-your-face, Stabbingback’s acoustic material is every bit as emotional and intense. 
All the songs are originally written for this style, and are not “unplugged” versions of the metal music.
The band began in Seattle. Performing locally and completing 2 albums gave the band serious notoriety and popularity in the northwest.
 After 4 years of touring and 3 additional years of recording, line up charges, and numerous set backs,
 Stabbingback decided to change the way the band worked. 
2012, the dust has finally settled. Wiser for our troubles, strengthened by our unity, and prepared for chaos.
 The band has relocated to Boise, Idaho. The line up changes have been exhausted and new plans are now in place. 
We are exclusively a "web band" with plenty of material to present. 
Members of the band exist all over the world and participate in the creation of new material.
 Live performances have come to an indefinite halt. 
Certainly a negative to the "web band" title, but a necessary sacrifice for the project to exist.
 Now, creation of material, new and re-recorded, is our only concern.
 Clear, high production, high quality tunes that have good continuity is our goal.
 We hope you dig'em."

Amongst viewing the website, which is the most organized one I've seen thusfar;
 I discovered the band in itself is a web only band. I love the grace of this..
This technique I assume will submit less drama, and betrow a massive following.
 Amongst that, all the songs are free to download, and a new song is released every month.
So far there are 20 songs out of the 5 albums they promise, and truthfully I will look forward to the next one. 
There is a definate Slayer and Dragonforce sound influence as well as a slight In Flames or Killswitch Engage tones.
Mostly a Progressive Metal sound. 
Give it 4/5.

Cj Maddley
Moose Metal Radio
Metal Mommie Daily