Monday, June 16, 2014



Punk Rock/ Metal

Detroit, MI

"CrashDollz are THE Detroit Punk band of 2014.
Finally here to re-ignite Rock and Roll, CrashDollz bring Punk sneer with Big Rock Power into a new uncharted area.
Innovators in the Punk genre for bringing it to a very refreshing place, 
where talent is not in short supply. Metallic riffs merge seamlessly with punk attitude and 
female-fronted bombastic stage performances are part of the package"

The estrogen is upon you, in punk rock form and you'll love it. Imagine if you were finding a band like The Runaways
for the first time? Well Crashdollz are pretty close. The Metal vibe mixed with the punk rock aspect are enduring to the ears.
The guitars flow, the lyrics are powerful and vocals are spot on. I can only imagine they're stage presence is exquisite. 
I'd have to say Novacaine is my favorite, catchy lyrics that are a bit relatiable, if you're the rock your face off mosh kind of individual.

Cj Maddley
Moose Metal Radio
Metal Mommie Daily