Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Killing John Doe Review

Killing John Doe
Temple, Texas USA

Artist Bio Via Facebook
"We are Killing John Doe, Killing a "John Doe" means to evolve...to become one state of existence you have to "kill" another. To evolve you have to leave behind a primitive previous state, to become something else you have to leave the other "else" behind. We like you intend to leave another state to become an enlightened state. To become a new being...a new entity and the process continues. Killing the old and creating the new, that's Killing John Doe...evolution, creating, metabolic....That's who we are and that's our music."

Sent to me were tracks "Hater", "Rock Bottom", "Borrowed Time", "Empty Shell" & "Pick your Poison"
I like to think I know my rock n roll and metal bands alike, and this one definitely have the Texas sound. Many great bands have came from Texas, Pantera, Texas Hippie Coalition, for instance.. and I can see how the influence of the sound has come to play. Not a die hardcore like those bands, but definitely a distinctive fretfulness of guitar riffs and melancholy lyrics. Its something you can go to a bar, and enjoy standing up in front, throwing the horns up, and taking a shot of black tooth grin too.



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