Tuesday, September 16, 2014


The Erica James Band Review

The Erica James Band
Guthrie, Oklahoma, USA

A complete sacrilegious experience of violin and guitar greatness. A non lyrical complete music experience, a simple tune to just turn on and carry on with your activities, serves as a fabulous back ground music. Have I transported to Dublin?? Have I ran to the Hills with Iron Maiden??
I'm in love with the violin now, sincerely.  My thoughts as I listen to "dance of the gypsy"
A definite Maiden with her violin. I would see this live, just to ensure its greatness. 
Obvious 4.5/5

Artist Bio via Reverb
"EricaJames started as a father/daughter duo out of small town in Texas south of San Antonio. Erica, born in Lake Charles, LA, has been playing violin since the age of 10 learning from such artists as Bobby Flores, a 2002 Grammy Award winning musician and composer. Her dad James born and raised in San Antonio, TX, has been playing the guitar since the age of 14. (Don't ask his age). After Erica, at age 13, teamed with her dad, James and became known as EricaJames, the duo has had the opportunity to play with such greats as Michael Martin Murphy who has written and performed hits such as; Wildfire, Carolina in the Pines and What's Forever For, to opening for for such groups as The Platters who have earned 25 number 1 hits since the 50's. Erica's undying passion to master the violin and to play outside the traditional realm of the classical violin/fiddle, has gained her a large national following in various genres of music. EricaJames has been playing together for about 12 years, 5 of which they toured regionally and nationally.
Erica says; "Playing music professionally and touring has given me a great opportunity to spend time with my dad. Playing the violin has allowed me to express myself in ways that words cannot. Having the ability to play with groups and musicians that I have admired from a young age has been a dream come true.
James says; "As a father touring and playing music with his daughter, I can't put in words how proud I am too watch Erica grow and become the masterful talent that she has. It has been and continues to be something I will forever cherish as a parent, a father, a co-worker and as a friend."
The EricaJames Band is EricaJames Foster on violin, James Foster on acoustic guitar, Rick Wescott on bass, Justin Combs on drums, Rod Ferreira on lead guitar.
~Keep the rosin on the bow~"



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